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    Agenda reads all calendars on your device and displays a scrollable Agenda listing by day for the next two weeks. It provides a convenient means of seeing what's coming up on your calendar.

    Agenda preferences include the ability to show All Day Events, Event Location, show Calendar Name, Hide Past Events, show Days with No Events and add a Quick Event launch icon. Also allows you to choose to display/hide Calendars in Agenda.

    To hide Calendar events in Agenda, add the phrase iGnore-ME to the subject of the event - it will not show up in Agenda.

    This is a beta application. It uses the com.palm namespace so that it can read existing calendars using an undocumented API. Unfortunately this means that the app cannot make it into the App Catalog. It may also break upon release of new versions of WebOS - hopefully Palm will provide a documented API method to read calendars in the future.

    Donations - I am no longer accepting donations for Agenda. Thank you to all those who have donated in the past!

    Thanks to d00heden for info on the undocumented API! And, thanks to remix2000 for all the icon work! And, thanks to Timon for localizing/translating to German!

    2009-10-25 v0.5.8
    • Added ability to filter Agenda listing by matching text in Subject, Location or Note
    • Added ability to enter a Date Range for Agenda listing (see app menu)

    2009-10-22 v0.5.6
    • Localized version with German translation

    2009-10-20 v0.5.5
    • Added basic help scene
    • Fixed all known bugs with auto-refresh and "No events today"

    2009-10-15 v0.5.2
    • Fixed bug with loading today's events
    • Fixed the revised process for auto-updating agenda listing

    2009-10-09 v0.5.0
    • Added activity indicator when loading events
    • Revised process for auto-updating agenda listing

    2009-10-03 v0.4.8
    • Added preference to show days with No Events
    • Ignores any Calendar event with the phrase "iGnore-ME" in the event's subject
    • Changed option for "Days to Show in Agenda" to allow 1 to 31 days

    2009-09-27 v0.4.5
    • Added preference to show "Time to Next Event" in view menu

    2009-09-26 v0.4.4
    • Re-wrote code for getting Calendars and Events
    • Added debugging features
    • NO NEW FEATURES - if previous version is working, no need to download 0.4.4.

    2009-09-22 v0.4.2
    • Added ability to "jump forward" or "jump back" in Agenda using view menu icons - tapping on the date in view menu will jump back to Today.
    • Clicking on event's colored icon will open calendar in event's date rather than in event details.

    2009-09-19 v0.4.0
    • Added preference to choose Calendars to display/hide in Agenda
    • Icon is automagically updated to show current date - Thanks to remix2000 for the additional icons! And, thanks to JJ for help with the code.
    • Hide Past Events now uses event end time rather than start time

    2009-09-18 v0.3.5
    • added Preference to Hide Past Events
    • auto refresh every 5 minutes
    • shows current date in Agenda header
    • shows current version in Preferences header
    • use BOLD font for events
    • updated calendar and Quick Event icons
    • adds ability to tap event to edit in Calendar

    2009-09-17 v0.3.4
    • Added preference to display Calendar Name
    • Added preference to include a Quick Event launcher icon
    • Added preference for number of days to show in Agenda

    2009-09-15 v0.3.1
    • Added preference to display location
    • Added display of end time for event
    • Added color icon to indicate event's originating calendar (removed Calendar name from display)

    2009-09-14 v0.3.0
    • Added Preferences - Add all day events
    • Uses system option for 12hr/24hr time

    2009-09-13 v0.2.1
    • Added all day events
    • Added Calendar name to events
    • Added command button to launch Calendar app
    • Only shows events from Calendars with "Display in all Calendars view" setting in Calendar app

    2009-09-11 v0.1.1
    ...Has been submitted to homebrew gallery...
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    Haeffb, WOW! You have made my day! This is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for!
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    i was just about to start work on this app!!! so cool that you have made it this far! w00t! please add dated tasks below appointments for each day! if you're looking for help, i would love to assist.
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    This is a great idea. While I haven't suffered withdrawal symptoms by not having "Agendus" on my Pre, I still do miss having some stronger planning features. Thanks for taking a crack at this. I'll download your app and try it out!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I definitely want this! It would be cool if it had a transparent background so that it looks like its just floating on the background.
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    you should team up with quick event and task adder so you can get some events and tasks on!
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    I'll see if I can get the TaskAdder guy to return my calls...

    Agenda reads the Pre Calendar data. TaskAdder gets its info from the web-based Toodledo service. I'm not sure that mixing the two is the right way to go. I also don't know if there's a (documented or undocumented) method of reading the Pre's Tasks data. It's worth looking at...
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    since you arent going to be doing this one can you work on virtual voice mail ...wink wink lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by stickywhipit View Post
    you should team up with quick event and task adder so you can get some events and tasks on!
    Quote Originally Posted by stickywhipit View Post
    i was just about to start work on this app!!! so cool that you have made it this far! w00t! please add dated tasks below appointments for each day! if you're looking for help, i would love to assist.
    any idea if anyone is working on virtual voice mail yet?
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    I have been waiting for something like this since the day I got my Pre. Not having something like this was the only reason I considered not getting the Pre.
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    This sounds great! I am looking forward to trying. I will let you know if I have any suggestions. Thanks! Will this be for download through filecoaster or preware or possibly a download link on this forum?
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    It's been submitted to the homebrew gallery and is awaiting moderator review. When/if approved, it will be available through filecoaster, etc.
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    The wait is killing me. I have been hoping for an app like this and ever since I saw this post yesterday I have been checking file coaster every hour or so. I can't wait!

    Would you be willing to post the ipk so we can go ahead and download until it is approved?
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    ditto, can't wait for this one. this is the one thing that i need for the pre..
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    Just installed via filecoaster url download. Its been stuck in "loading" "Reading events" for quite awhile. can't tell if there maybe alot of thngs to read or if app is stuck?

    EDIT: Boom there it is!! Just hit refresh. YESSSS I been wanting something like this. Nice Job!!!!
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    Its in filecoaster now.... downloading.......
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    Actually I tested a few times and it doesn't seem to load from opening of the app. I need to hit the refresh icon and hen it pops up almost instantly.
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    Same here.....
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    Nice app... simple and too the point! Nice icon too
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    I can't get past the loading screen. Just says that it's reading events and doesn't load.

    I thought that maybe it's initially trying to load everything but it's been sitting on that screen for the last 5 minutes

    Edit: I just didn't give it long to load. Nice simple app. Is there anyway to have the events colored to match the calendar?
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