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    Quote Originally Posted by Trucker2316 View Post
    I really enjoy this game.but like others I get discouraged when them obscure words come up. I consider myself a smart person but a terrible speller and I just use common words. The challenge of the game for me is to have fun first and challenge my brain. It has been mentioned in the past to friend people and try only to play with non cheaters, I think this is a great idea, I have accepted and requested friends, and have weeded out the ones
    That are way above my level weather they are cheating or not its just not fun when someone has that much of an advantage.
    Well just my two cents worth
    And BTW Seppo thanks so much for the effort in trying to keep the integrity of the game, it means alot to me that you monitor these fourms and are actively involved..
    No problem, Trucker2316 - I'm really grateful for all the feedback that the community's given back to us, as well. I think the best thing (and no doubt it helps us out, as well) is that if people want to play games with people with integrity... play with your friends! You can add people you like playing with online to your friends list, but even better, you can get your real-world friends to play the game as well. After all, if THEY cheat, you can give 'em crap for it and make sure they play right. And that makes the game better for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    There is not way to keep people from cheating but you need to just quit playing when it becomes obvious someone is cheating.
    This is exactly what i do.

    First of all, i don't get the POINT of people who cheat at a game like this. I mean really, what's the POINT of using dishonest means to rack up insane amounts of FAKE MONEY? How satisfying is it to know that your computer or program is smarter than the humans you're playing against??? REALLY?!?

    I've called people out on their words. Sometimes i'll ask them what their million dollar word means and it's hilarious how...5 minutes later...they'll spew out a word-for-word dictionary definition. But since there's nothing else to do about it, i just leave the table and then come back to hopefully find a more fair and fun group to play with.

    I actually thought about starting a "black list" here. NAME NAMES!!!
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    Here's a vote for a voting system. If that user just happens to have a history of 7 letter wins, then either suspend, ban, or garnish their winnings. The app is nice and I want to keep playing, but not if it's flooded with bored googlers.
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    I've seen a couple of times where the betting strategy just make no sense. Like betting $1000 after receiving the initial hand, before the flop. They are either trying to scare others into folding immediately, and collecting the blind, or they're pretty sure they will be able to come up with a winning word regardless of the cards dealt. (annagraming)

    I play every night in between calls for my work. I have made up a friend list and will search for them first, but I'll join just about any room. And I'll leave if I feel someone is using some tool to give them an unfair advantage.

    I'm 56 years old and have been playing Scrabble, Boggle, and any word oriented game you can think of since the age of 13. I've got some key words that I can use in a pinch, but like the guy said, "You can only use the letters you're dealt"
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    Quote Originally Posted by DKatman View Post
    I still have to look up what FEZ means (and I don't think that came from someone cheating). I was also surprised when PEZ was not accepted. I accepted that this guy was smart when he beat me with "nth". I didn't know it was a word, but knew how to use it in a sentence when it was accepted. But when the same guy beat me with PHT, I had to check the web for how people cheat.
    Yikes! I won a hand with "fez" once... hope it wasn't me you suspected of cheating because I've been calling out cheaters in this forum. But I've never used nth or pht, so I guess not. I probably wouldn't use those "words" if I could.

    BTW, a fez is the kind of hat the Shriners wear: tall with no brim and maybe a tassle.

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    If it was you, I know you weren't cheating. I wrote that in my post. There were so many commonly known, but smartly used words, by that player, that there was no reason to suspect any extra help. The one or two suspected cheaters used too many words that were too long, random, or just way beyond my pay grade for me to believe.

    I did look up Fez afterwards (hehehehe). I have even used it since then.

    And that particular person that prompted my search, used another word that just had me baffled, and clearly defined it for me.

    Mind you, even then, it was entirely possible that guy was just that much smarter than i am.

    I have to admit, I have used PHT since then.

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