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    GoodFood stopped working. I tried deleting it and now I can't reinstall it. Anybody have any information?
    Laissez Faire
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    Mine seems to be working ok, I think they updated the database.
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    I've tried to use mine over the past few days and all I get is a white screen and nothing ever loads.
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    I'm having the same issue. Anyone find a solution?
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    workin for me but I can't seem to add a place that just opened, anyone?
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    Not working.
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    I get the white screen too. I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling multiple times. It's a shame, I'm a big fan of the app and used it quite a bit when I first got the phone...
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    I don't see it as available in the App Catalog - am I just missing it?


    edit -- ignore, I found it.
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    I've deleted, restarted, reinstalled, restarted, started good food and still just a white screen. Has anybody had any luck or knows what to do to fix this. The developers page leaves a lot to be desired as far as support.
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    White sceeen issue as well. Anybody with some ideas?

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