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    Im sure Im not the only person with not the greatest hearing, and even though the pre is a little louder than the treo, its still not loud enough. Is it possible on the pre to make an app that cranks the earpiece volume beyond max?
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    I don't think the Pre is nearly as loud as my 700p was. The vibrate is weak too.
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    Certain ringtones I have are stupidly loud... thats not an issue for me. The sound issue I have is I can never clearly hear youtube vids or my movies on the phone. I have to use headphones which makes the whole operation a little to much just to simply watch a few mins of something. More external speaker volume for media apps please!!!

    My opinion, people should be able to crank their speakers as loud as they want. If it blows thats on them... there is usually a lot of distortion before a blow-out anyways.
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    I would also like a way to have finer volume increments. When using earphones, a lot of the time one step will be too low and the next too high. I wouldn't mind having to click a little more to adjust volume, as the current setup is less than ideal.
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    its funny you say that because i was just thinkin' the same thing. Actually, volume for movies and youtube and also more increments in volume for headphones would be great!!! I'm sure Jason can figure it out for Quick Install, that man can do anything!!
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    I emailed Go Treo Software and I'll post any response I get from them.
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