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    I've used "Diet and Excercise Assistant" for Palm...but the one I found to be outstanding was BWM for Bioweblogic. I've written them about a WebOS version but I think one of you folks should reach out to them...revamp for WebOS...and Palm would definitely put it in their "catalogue". D&E Assistant was a VERY popular app and it sucked. This one would be awesome!!!
    Here's their link:

    BWM home


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    I'm surprised nothing has filled this void yet.

    "Diet and Excercise Assistant" for Palm OS was the best I've tried, even with it's sort of stodgy functionality. I've tried the Palm OS trials of CalorieKing, and it's got a large foods and exercise database, but no 5-way support, and the handheld app has not been updated since 2002, how lame is that?

    BWM looks like it has not been updated since 2006. And, they don't say it outright on their website, but sort of imply it, does the OS hand-held app sync data with the desktop app.?

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