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    apparently i have too many apps on my phone to add apps from the catalog but i can add as many homebrew apps as i want form Preload. whats the deal? I would like to get a few of the new ones out of the catalog but i don't want to delete all my apps.

    is there a way to check your app memory? and does anyone know how much memory we are aloud for apps?
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    Same problem/ question here.
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    Apparently the App limit is 50. Get under that and you should be ok. Two things to remember:

    1. Loading Homebrew apps with Preload will bypass this issue.

    2. Preload will not allow you to bypass the limit for App Catalog stuff.
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    Also remember - the app catalog is in Beta. Get as many of those apps as you want to because they may end up charging for them later.

    The apps in preload are free and preload is always on. You can just download an app when you need it, use it, then remove it. That's what I do. That way I can still get app catalog apps and then just dowload something when I need it. Of course, some apps (like financial ones) you can't do that with because you'd lose the info, but most of them you can.

    This will also help keep your battery consumption down and ithe speed of your phone up.

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