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    So today my i phone fanboi cousin and I were going at it about which fone is better, the pre or the i phone. And of course, I was winning as usual as I was driving to drop him off at his house.

    Then I get a phone call from my brother saying he was in a car crash and that he needed a few bucks to cover the other guy's damages. I thought my brother was hurt from the tone of his of voice.

    My cousin called me up and said, "hey did you hear?" and I said "yes i did." I'm gonna take care of it. He said "ok. no problem. as long as you got it under control." I said, "dont worry, big brother is here to save my sorry little brother's *** again."

    So I ask my brother "are you ok? how bad is it?" And he says " I'm fine. how bad is what?" I said " the accident." how bad is it? How much do you need?" He says " I have no idea what you're talking about."

    Then I go outside to see his car and not a scratch on it. Then my cousin calls my brother and says "are you ok? how much do you need? is the other guy's car badly damaged?"

    My brother is flipping out. He thinks we've gone mad. I'm flipping out thinking he's gone mad. Then my brother passes the phone back to me and its my cousin who screams out "you got punk'd."

    Apparently it was an app on his i phone that makes anyone's number come up as the caller ID and it changes the voice.

    Then he goes on and on about how his i phone is so much better than the pre.

    I must have my revenge. I must get this app on the pre. I will get him back, so help me God.
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    SpoofApp: Caller ID Spoofing For Your Mobile Phone |

    looks like it is already on (or coming to) a few platforms. It might come here to the pre if there is enough interest.

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    LMAO. This would be great. My tech savvy son is ALWAYS tellling me how his iPhone is so much better.
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    Sounds to me like an app just waiting for an arrest. Last time I checked, impersonating someone else is illegal, depending on what and how you are doing it. I doubt what he did was illegal, but beyond "punking" people (which is just another term for "being an arsehole") the only other use for something like this is for illegal activities such as impersonating a police officer or using it to defraud someone.

    And if anyone here can't think of a way that they could use this illegally, you aren't being imaginative enough.

    YafaKlan, it sounds to me like making your little brother and your cousin think they are about to be arrested for "Illegal impersonation" would be a FAR better way to get back at him than wanting the same kind of crappy app for the Pre.

    my 2cents.
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    lol Ironically enough, my little brother is a NYC Police officer. So that route is out of the window. And he wasn't involved in the prank. But what I'd like to do is have this Spoof App and wait a month or two when all of this cools down and do it to him. Just to get on his nerves.

    Granted I do agree with you that there are alot of people that could easily use this app for evil purposes. But shouldn't these phone companies prevent an app like this from even being able to be made or loaded onto one's phone?

    I 've heard that i phones app stpre refuses to carry spoof app for the fear of misuse.
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    If Apple wouldn't ban an app like this they have no credibility to ban any app at all.
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    There was another thread on spoofing a week or so ago:
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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