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    I'm looking and hoping for someone to create an app like the iPhone's Vault app. I would like to be able to lock pics and videos. Is there anyone out there that is up for the challenge. Plus I always have things on my phone that I don't want others to see, but I love showing my phone off and letting people play with it. Unfortunatley I can't because of the sensative material on my phone. Please someone come up with a way to lock up my pics and vids so that I can still advertise my phone to friends and people.
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    Had something like that on my Centro, really miss it on the pre, just an app lock for individual apps that require a password (universal) to access the app would be amazing. I to have stuff that is kinda personal that I do not want people to see, either by accident (leaving phone on desk) or when I am showing off my phone. Really, don't like people to have access to my Email, Photos, Pics, etc. without my permission. The phone lock is just to much of a pain to have to use each time I get an incoming call.
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    i second this 100 % ...I wish I knew enough about jave but I've only taken a semestee of it ...

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