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    After going through a a lot of pain for missing some awesome Treo apps, I decided to bite the bullet and get classic for the following must have apps:

    -Mino Wireless (Running the VJM)
    -Mundu for MSN Messenger

    I can't live without these apps and I was wondering if you guys have any other apps that work great in Classic and we don't have an equivalent on WebOS.
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    All three ebook readers I used on my Treo seem to work fine under Classic (although in each case Classic pops up that "xxx is not Classic Certified" notification).

    eReader v3.0.0fp
    Mobipocket v5.3 - build 582
    TealDoc 6.8.3

    Haven't loaded anything else, but I use one or more of these every day without a glitch.
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    My must-have classic apps that I wish were on the Pre: Palm Calendar, Palm Tasks, Palm Note Pad, Palm Memos
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    I'd pay good money for KeyCaps
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    Quote Originally Posted by arc918 View Post
    I'd pay good money for KeyCaps
    Me too!

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