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    Hi folks,

    I donít want to rock the app store boat here or anything, but is there any chance that we can get some of the good apps to work up here in the great white north?

    Iíd like to have things like Pandora, Where and Fandango or even Yelp, but they just simply donít work, or have so little relevant information for my area that it makes the app useless.

    Heck I even live in Toronto, not some small little town called Snowball (yes there really is a town called Snowball north of the city), so at the very least the major cities of Canada should work? (No offense meant to small cities by the way, you should have them too).

    The Canadian Press Mobile is good and so is The Globe and Mail, and AccuWeather (which I think is the best), but thatís as far as it goes.

    I know, I know the Pre is new and they need time to work on these sort of things......I get it, Iím just asking that the Canadian market needs to be addressed in the build of new apps to come, or added onto the old ones?

    On the plus side Tipíem is currency neutral. ROFLMAO........

    Thank you for listening.........errrr........reading.
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    We really can't do anything about those. I would suggest contacting the developers of those apps via the links in the app catalog. You can also go to to ask about Pandora.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    Pandora? Blame the CRTC for blocking access to some US streams. Never work with out IP masking (on your PC), and even that is hit and miss.

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