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    I was driving around today and realized that it would be awesome to have an app running in the background that would pop up a reminder when I got close to a certain location. Would be similar to the reminder capability in the address book.

    For example, I'm out driving and, as i drive near one of my vendors, a reminder pops up telling me to run in and do an exchange. This would, hopefully, eliminate the "oh crap! I was just by there too!" situation.
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    I agree! I use Splash Shopper, and having it pop up when I get to the market would be very cool....

    It has several different shopping lists so maybe it could pop up when go by Sams Club or Lowes....
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    I'm sure its possible because the NanPlayer music app generates your playlists off of your location so it would just take a little dedication from a developer but awesome idea.
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    For those who are interested, I've posted a preview thread for my new app, GeoStrings, which implements location-based reminders. Check it out here:

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