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    1. Coin Flip (a lot like our homebrew version)
    2. Lemonade - "a fun and exciting game where you try to make money by selling lemonade"
    3. UberPass -- "suite of tools for managing and securing information"

    havent tried them yet, but just saw them in the catalog!
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    Zilch lite a dice game and photo dialer a quick dialer app...looks like we got 5 new ones
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    and WikiHow and Dumb Waiter.. they keep adding more!
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    They already posted like 9 new apps. Every time I open the app catalog there is a new app. Nothing fancy, the only one that i see that had some work was the horoscope one. But the others dont get close to the homebrew apps.
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    yeap! YAY!!
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    Direct tv sunday package (nfl) and another calculator...I think that may be it.....
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    Wow, haven't played lemonade stand since Apple IIe. Too many options in this one.

    None as nice as much of our Homebrew. I think the real programs are waiting for some payment.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.

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