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    Ok, the nav software has been working well for me so far. Once the gps signal locks, the rest is easy breezy.

    However, there are increasing times when the gps fails to find the signal. I did a soft reboot two times and still the same problem. A hard reboot plus going to another location finally solved the problem.

    Are other people having this issue? Is there a way to minimize the occurrence?

    Btw, the pre is still an awesome phone.
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    Yep, sometimes it's difficult to get a lock. Someone in another thread mentioned the power management features of the phone as a possible cause for this GPS behavior.

    What I have found is if I'm in Sprint nav and can't get a lock, and I launch Google maps, more often than not the GPS will work after a moment. The same applies to Google maps, in which case launching Sprint Nav helps it to get a lock. Hopefully Palm will address this behavior in an update. It seems as if the Pre uses the GPS chip rather than cell triangulation for the most part. I say this because if I'm indoors I rarely ever get an accurate location even with a decent signal. I usually have to walk close to a window or outside.
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