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    Are you the same person who installed all those different services? Honestly bro you may be the only one to have this issue. Everyone that has followed the directions do not have this issue. It's either user problem, or the phone. Not Preware
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    learn to read instructions before you come in here slamming peoples hard work. I have not heard of anyone else having this problem, so my suspicion is, YOU did something wrong during your installation.
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    My Preware app wont update says,

    org.webosinternals.ipkgservice is not running.

    how do i fix this?

    Thanks in advance
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    did you install the ipk package?
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    i def did follow da instructions.da onscreen keyboard is wrkin fine its jus my phone wont connect to web os quick install anymore
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    did you reboot your pre after?
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    yea i did twice idk y it wont even connect 2 my comp at all but it will still charger
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    Restart your home PC. Every once in awhile I have to do that, to make it work. Every time I install something on two different Pre's, I have to restart between Pre's.
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    i jus did that and it worked 4 1 sec den started messin up again.wuld it b a prob i added all the system mods?
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    Just curious, but how do you remove Preware? The instructions on the WiKi just say "Remove the package manager, then remove preware quickily while it is still open." Makes sense I guess, but how do you do that? Just open Preware, than minimize, open the "ListApps" thing, delete package manager, than preware? Maybe it's cause I have a headache, but I am just having a hard time figuring it out, and don't wanna mess it up.

    On a side note, does PreWare change anything (Assuming you haven't downloaded anything) in the OS that might need to be changed back before an update? Not sure why, I just have a feeling the next update is going to change a lot of OS code, and I want to make sure nothing gets confused.
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    You can remove Preware through QuickInstall
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    Yes. Take your phone back to sprint for a replacement or hard reset
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    wuld sprint say anythin anout my launcher having a 5 row icons instead of 3
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    Why should Sprint replace this phone? Run the WebOS doctor. BTW since when did the english dictionary change?
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    because the web app doesnt wrk.its a software failure they shuld replace it
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    Dude if you cant type things out properly and your phone is having issues after a few installs that modify do you know that it was not something you mis-typed, considering EVERYONE else has no problem with installation aside from user error?

    Go back to school PLEASE.

    its no software failure...its a poorly done code modification done by the user...not the developer or palm
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    i used preware 2 install the on screen its not rooted
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    I did, and im getting the same problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xfliiboyy View Post
    because the web app doesnt wrk.its a software failure they shuld replace it
    As sune as u go messin yo fone bro n scrwin round wit stuf u aint spose to u luse yo privleg to retrn yo fone. Aint no failur here jus somun who don knw his stuf...

    Did you get that?

    Leave the few precious replacement phones for those with real hardware issues. Don't expect Sprint or Palm to pay for you violating your warranty - you took the risk when you decided to mess with your phone. If you can't accept that then don't do it! People like you drive up the costs for all of us. Root responsibly or don't root at all! Use hacks and homebrew at your own risk - accept the consequences if it doesn't go as you think it should. WebOS doctor is your friend. Use it.
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    im trying to install this
    i have web OS 2.1, but am stuck right here:

    Installation Steps

    * Run WebOS Quick Install
    * Press the third button on the right
    * Choose WebOS Internals Feed (all) from the dropdown list at the top.

    Where the heck is the 3rd button? what am i missing?
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