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    Is not not annoying that ALL the apps no matter their category are NOT listed. You must find them based on their category. DUMB. Some of the category words I don't even know what kind of apps would be under it. You get so exhausted with intricate clicking paths you give up! Its also allows for them to NOT reveal how few apps they really have right now.

    Homebrew on the other hand gives it to you good. Screw categories give what they came for! ALL APPS, in one list!

    Am I the only one that feels this way?
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    Just click "most recent" and you get all of them (at least for now)
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    I stopped using filecoaster for preware because it listed them all at once and didn't have categories (i know it does now).
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    There aren't that many apps yet. What's the problem? I check every couple of days and view most recent. Quite simple.

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