View Poll Results: Do you have any reservations about a location-aware game?

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  • NO RESERVATIONS: I love the idea of a location-aware game and have no privacy concerns.

    2 15.38%
  • SOME RESERVATIONS: If the game allowed me to control my information I'd probably try it out.

    7 53.85%
  • MAJOR RESERVATIONS! Way too creepy! I would never install an app like this!

    4 30.77%
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    I'm considering developing a location-aware game. Without giving too much away, it would be sort of like a game of tag, where you seek out other game players in your area to score points, probably using something like a Google Latitude interface. I obviously don't want to put a lot of time into it if no one is going to enjoy it, so I'd like to hear from my Pre-owning peeps. My biggest concern is that people would feel like they're being stalked by other players and would get creeped out. So my questions for you are:

    1. Does this sound interesting? Do you think you'd try it?
    2. Does this idea raise any privacy concerns for you?
    3. What controls could the game provide to alleviate your concerns?

    The PreCentral community has been a tremendous resource for me as a Pre user. If this project gets traction you can count on reading more about it here. Thanks for your time.
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    I appreciate everyone's poll responses, but would really appreciate some replies to this thread. If you have major reservations, what are they exactly? Why are you so reluctant? If controls within the application would alleviate your concerns, what kind of controls would you need?

    Thanks everyone!
    "The service on my iPhone is so bad I'm thinking of calling it my AOL phone." -- Jim Gaffigan

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    I say go for it! But be sure to make a warning and how about making it like 10 or 15 ft off of actual location.., so your not sure whom it is and would need to see them take the phone out to "tag" them? Sounds awesome though!!!
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    It would definitely be tagged as a location-aware app (and the gameplay would make that pretty obvious too). I was thinking they'd have to get within 100 yards or so to score their points. That would prevent the need to get close enough to actually 'touch' anyone. However, your idea of intentionally randomizing the location slightly might be a nice addition. That way if there were any creeps out there they wouldn't actually be able to distinguish you from the people around you. Unless you were standing alone in a big field, of course.

    This app would only update your location when the app was running too. That way all you'd have to do is close the app and move and no one could find you.
    "The service on my iPhone is so bad I'm thinking of calling it my AOL phone." -- Jim Gaffigan

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    Go for it I'd play it you got my vote
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    I like the idea... sound fun. Maybe include the option to actually allow meeting the other person for extra points and having them put in a code or something on your phone. But make it entirely optional, like a second version of the game so that only those wanting to meet and/or see the other person can.

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