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    i am new to this forum so I don't know if it's the rite to post this problem. I installed touch screen keyboard from preware. it got installed properly, started working ... made my phone a bit slugish, i changed the configuration file as told on the wiki for themes ... worked well. I received a call i was trying to disconnect the call but the touch screen died on me. i did a battery pull didn't work, i finally though of using WebOs doctor but after sometime it said couldn't install the OS. The phone switches on and brings me on the language selection screen but since i can't do anything (touch screen not responding) it's a stale mate .... i tried using WebOS a couple of time ... the WebOs doctor goes to arround 54% and then say can't reset the phone and the phone still shows the processor and arrow sign.

    I have done flashing of windows phones many time and even WebOS but i am not able to get out this one.

    Any ideas ?


    ***Updates: I called sprint talked to their tech department, they said they can't do anything, and i would have to take it to the sprint store for replacement. I guess i am lucky to be on the 30 days trial period.
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    swap the phone for a new one is all i can think of man.
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    Definitely take advantage of the 30 day period...make sure to check for all the usual signs i.e. dead pixels and "oreo" effect. That being said alot of people have had good luck with the new tweaks and such, so chances are your next phone will not have a problem.

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