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    Are there any MSN Messenger apps out there that I maybe missed? Here in Canada MSN is the big thing. I'm looking for one tat gives me notifications in the notification area and that I don't have to keep open in an activity card.
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    Nope, not at this time.
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    Sadly, not yet, but I am sure it's coming. We do know that Shapeservice is working on porting IM+ over to Pre so that will provide a solution for all messengers (yahoo, msn, aol, facebook, twitter too). In the meantime, I just discovered that on Sprint, there is a "sprint app" that if you go into there is a web msn messenger portal. I realize you're not on Sprint in Canada, but if you search through Bell's app maybe there will be an option for you as well.

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    At the moment, I think your best option is probably to access MSN IM by way of, which supports several protocols and works tolerably well in the browser.
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    Yeah, kind of lame that Palm decided to give preference to AIM than MSN messenger. I think MSN Messenger is way more popular.
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    This is the one feature I am waiting for before getting a Pre. There are probably a lot more like me who use MSN all the time and find it ridiculous they launched without it.
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    It's a feature I suggested directly to Palm on their feedback site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    Yeah, kind of lame that Palm decided to give preference to AIM than MSN messenger. I think MSN Messenger is way more popular.
    I think its a matter of geography and generation. For instance I and nearly everybody I know uses AIM, but almost nobody I know that is American or under 30 even has an MSN account, except as tied to now dead Hotmail addresses they had from middle school.
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    Here in Canada everyone holds on to those hotmail accounts and uses them for MSN and email. MSN is the preferred choice here.
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    Try this for now:

    Wow, I cannot post links.
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    I can't decide if I will keep my pre or not. There is nothing PALM about it. Why couldn't they just improve the screen , ect, without taking away all the things palm die hards like me are used to. At least they gave a choice to use palm desktop or microsoft. I feel stuck with google. Why would I want all my info on a place that can hacked into. I did find something that helped, though. I can sync wth my palm calender & google. It's called Companion Limk. They wom't let me post the link
    I'm using the trial, but if I keep the pre I will buy it. So far it's the easiest one to sync.
    I looked at the classic app, it's like a fake palm. I can get my writimg program & games in, but it's hard to use them without a stylus.. You can try it, but then have to buy it. I think Palm should have left that alone . I had so much good stuff that worked plus I would need a sylus to make them work. I found one that works for the I Phone, so I assume it would work on the pre screen as well. I find using my fingers is not as accurate a a stylus. I found it here:
    Again they won't let me post the link; Try styluscentral
    That's it for now. I could go on but I need a rest from the fustration this pre is causing me...LOL
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    i have been searching and they told me that the msn messenger has not come out for palm pre yet but i found a site thats called koolim this lets u use msn ,yahoo and other more chat rooms i used it and for not having the msn app it works pretty good try it i think it will do until the real app comes.
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    #13 is the absolute most Kick-a online based web2.0 messenger for almost all messenger services... but I have issues getting it to work on the pre's brower. Works absolutely perfect on the iphone.
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    Try pre dot mundu dot com.

    I tried it today at the sprint store and it seemed pretty good. I had no contacts online to chat with, so I don't know how well it works.

    Maybe someone here can give it a try and let us know.
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    this is an internet based phone, all you have to do is go on the internet like an msn browser or something like that and type in online messenger. its a little slower than the regular messenger of course but it works for me.

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