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    Thanks... I did pkill LunaSysMgr. Maybe that wasn't enough
    Still happily rooting my launch 6/6/09 Pre!
    (and my wife's)
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    Hey guys!

    I wanted to install one of these and not both. If anyone has any good experiance please let me know!

    From what I understand both are AMAZING apps. The only thing is filecoaster will have a limit on home any apps you can have right? Or was this a bug or some other issue? While doing my research on these forums I found a thread saying so.

    I also heard Preware does not have this limit on apps? Is t his true?

    So what one do you recommend if you only wanted to install one? Please let me know! I know they are both GREAT home brew app installers!
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    I won't hurt to try them both... Only you know what you like so put them both on and delete the one you don't (delete = orange botton and tap the app)
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    I have used Filecoaster for awhile now and just started using Preware. In my opinion. Preware wins hands down. Not only does it not eat up memory from downloading apps, it gives you the ability to see any updates for all of your installed apps. Preware also offers patches, like the virtual keyboard which is not available with Filecoaster.
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    Preware can do more things, but filecoaster at least gives you a general list on what the program does. i have both installed. if i see it on Preware and i dont have any idea what it does, ill go look at fileCoaster to see if it has a description.
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    Ditto NxTech3. I do the same thing. I also use PreUpdate to check for new versions of my apps.
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    FileCoaster's latest version does provide update notifications for apps that you have already installed. It also has the advantage over Preware of allowing you to download any file to your Pre for which a URL exists (like MP3s, videos, PDFs, and so on). Preware (as far as I can tell) only downloads/installs packages from the various Homebrew app catalogs and Patches.

    Preware's main advantage is that it can install homegrown patches to the OS, a capability that FileCoaster doesn't have. It's a definite improvement for patch management than Quilt, at least for non-power users (or those who aren't crazy about using a command line). Preware appeared to install apps a little faster in my admittedly limited testing, but that may just be subjective. It doesn't provide descriptions of the apps like FileCoaster does, as NxTech3 pointed out.

    I can't comment on the memory drain issue that n420z mentions. I usually reboot my Pre after installing apps anyway just to make sure everything is clean and copacetic following the app load. FileCoaster does have the virtual keyboard available for install, though like Preware it requires that 2 apps be installed.

    Neither FileCoaster nor Preware impose a limit on apps that can be installed. That limit (variously reported as anywhere from 40-60 apps or up to 2GB worth of data) is Palm's fault/responsibility. The Pre is set up to limit the number of non-Palm apps that can be installed. There is some speculation that once the Palm App Store comes out of beta the limit will be eased or eliminated to allow more apps to be installed from the store (thus generating more revenue $$).

    Oh yeah... I think Preware's UI is a little more polished than FC, but FC gets Coolness points for using the Pre's accelerometer to paste/clear the install field by shaking the Pre.
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    In my opinion, Preware. I like that there is no limit to the amount of apps that you can install. I do wish that there were app descriptions. Please add this! The only thing I am confused about, is that Filecoaster shows updates are available for apps that Preware does not. Meaning filecoaster says update next to some apps, preware does not show that an update is available.
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    I like them both a lot but prefer PreWare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garavin View Post

    I can't comment on the memory drain issue that n420z mentions. I usually reboot my Pre after installing apps anyway just to make sure everything is clean and copacetic following the app load. FileCoaster does have the virtual keyboard available for install, though like Preware it requires that 2 apps be installed.
    Sorry for my dumbness...but how do you get the keyboard installed from file coaster? Which two apps are needed, and it that it?....this would be awesome as I have yet to get WebOS Quick Install to work on my Win7 x64 machine.
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    I can't get PreWare to even start. It just gets stuck at the loading screen.
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    PreWare does more, FileCoaster looks better.

    That's my take on it, anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    preware is the best but it does not give a description of the program to download
    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    because of having descriptions and screenshots.
    Quote Originally Posted by sillyricky View Post
    i only use it for the description of apps. Would love to see preware have descriptions for their apps.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    I use Preware for my day-to-day downloading of apps, and have a Launcher shortcut to the homebrew app page to look at any descriptions I'd like.
    I can assure you that the next version of preware will have screenshots and descriptions. v0.7.7 didn't because that extra metadata wasn't in the ipkg feeds at time of release.
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    I got the ipkg service not found even with it installed. The error went away after i rebooted the phone.
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    I think both have there strengths.

    I wish Preware had all of the strengths of FileCoaster and I wish FileCoaster had all of the strengths of Preware.

    As time goes on, they seem to each be picking up key features from each other.

    - Craig
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    I started with FC but had to use Preware for the virtual keyboard. I find that I like having them both on my Pre. Sometimes you want cake, and other times, pie.
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    Thank you ALL for your information so far! I look forward to reading more! i may just try them both!
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    both rocks
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    Preware hands down.. Hopefully they get screens and description added asap
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