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    Let's say there's a certain downloadable calculator for pc's and Macs. How easy would it be to convert that program so it can be a Homebrew app? I'm wondering if I can do this myself. My only experience with writing programs was in college at the intro level programming an A, btw.
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    Depends on what language you used in that programming class. If it's Visual Basic, you might find it much different than developing on the Palm Pre. The Pre uses:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript -- Lots of this
    • Widgets and APIs using the Mojo framework

    While it's not impossible to learn, understand that you've got quite the learning curve if you haven't spent a lot of time with the first 3 items. Palm does have a developer site with a very basic "Hello World!" app, which is a good place to get your feet wet to see if you really like it.

    I've created a very basic tutorial beyond that (which I do plan on adding to in the future) that may also help.
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