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    I need some help from someone who knows how to use a scientific calculator but is not familiar with an RPN calculator. Reason is, I want to see if my helpfiles are any good.

    I finished the first four chapters which should teach anyone who knows a bit about math and about how to use regular scientific calculators how to use a stack based (RPN) calculator.

    I'd really appreciate it if some of you would want to take some time and try if my helpfiles are actually helpful in explaining how the calculator works.

    Get the app here:

    And let me know how it goes!

    Once again, not ALL chapters are implemented but basic usage is fully documented now!
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    Hey TheMarco,

    I went through the first three chapters, cuz I really needed a good powerful (and good looking) calculator. I had avoided your app, to be honest, because I had never used an RPN calculator before but since I need a good calculator now, I decided to give this a try. I fired up your help section, read through the first couple chapters and was well on my way! They are VERY detailed and well explained. I really like the fact that you broke it down instead of just a simple one or two lines.

    I was wondering if there was actually more to using an RPN calc and decided to google how to use it. The instructions I came up with are here. I realized that there's no new information on that entire page. Your help section had explained all of that quite well!

    So: Thank you! and job VERY well done!

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