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    Alright so Iam installing the apps to my PC then it asks to connect my Pre to the computer. My question is if I let it run in USB mode will it mod my current Pre settings...Like Contacts or wipe any information? I did a search and I could not find it!

    Thanks alot in advance!
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    How can no one know?
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    You could wait more than two hours to bump your own thread.

    I don't think I even understand your question. What is asking you to connect the Pre to your computer? Will connecting your Pre to your computer via USB change your contacts or other information on your Pre? No. Unless you run a program that affects your Pre (for example WebOS QuickInstall can install or uninstall programs or tweaks if you tell it to) or use the USB transfer to delete files from it or move files to it. But nothing is going to get changed automatically just because you plugged in your Pre.

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