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    I just loaded the app store and clicked most recent.... Under "Today" I saw Pandora Radio and ESPN Zoom. Out of curiosity I then went to Update App and it said my phone was up to date so I returned to the app store and noticed that for both instead of an option to download update there was only an option to launch the versions I already have. What gives? If no update then why relist the software under "today" heading. I was all excited to see what was new with Pandora : (
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    I saw the same thing. I was hoping it was an updated Pandora but the version is still listed as 0.9.11.
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    Same here. I got real excited
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    Same here what's up with that Palm
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    Those were just updates to the catalog data, not the applications themselves.

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    quick question.........on the description for ESPN zoom, it says it features the ESPN Bottom Line ticker.......where is that?....that is WHAT i want on my notification bar.
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    I saw that the version number for Pandora was the same as the installed, and thought I was going crazy.
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    Yeah there are new apps in there now tetris yatzee ad yelp. First two are demos and yelp is just stupid same functions as the where app and you can't add reviews still. And when I went back to review it it said the catalog was unavailabe at this time.
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    Pandora is back as 'new'. Version is still 9.11 but it's todays date. Is there really an update??

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