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    I really used micro-VNC a lot with my 700p. I've been without a solution for a while. I noticed that Mocha-VNC supposedly works on Classic, but I've been unable to connect. I haven't tried a direct VNC connection, but VNC over SSH2 is a requirement for security.

    MotionApps, is there any way you can take a look at this? I just saw your post regarding Win-Hand, but I can't go through a 3rd-party connection server, it needs to be direct to my server.
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    We tried micro-VNC here in our lab, but did not manage to get past the setup screen because it crashed each time.

    What we can recommend is to use PalmVNC because we have reports that it works well.
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    This is really a shame because micro-VNC is about 3-4 times faster than PalmVNC!!!

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