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    Well, up to now i have not had a problem with Sprint NAV app on the Pre, but just did the family vacation and ran in to a Issue when running the app more that 3 Hours.

    1) Get error trying to open up other cards: Not enough memory close other cards ( only Sprint NAV is open)

    2) the Pre stops accepting charge from the touchstone and USB port.

    I repeated this issue 3 times on the 16 hour round trip. So from my educated opinion, there has to be a memory leak in the Sprint NAV app for running long periods of time. I must not give up the memory.

    Has anyone else seen this issue?
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    I have also had issues with #1 after a few hours of use. I have had no issues with #2. (This sounds naughty, doesn't it?)
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    I have had this issue when ussing for a long time any app that uses the gps. Google maps, sprint nav, and Where. It might be something with how the pre logs the GPS?

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