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    Got $5.99 charge on my last Sprint bill for something called:

    Sprint: Multimedia - 34 by La.

    Sprint told me they would give me credit this time but I needed to delete the App(?) so I wouldn't get charged anymore? They said it's on my Pre, but I don't see anything that looks like that on my Pre...Does anyone know what this is and how I delete it?

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    It's a premium Sprint TV channel. You can't delete the Sprint TV least from the phone's user interface.....
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    How can I make sure I don't get charged $5.99 again... Don't remember subscribing to or using any premium channel.
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    I would call them and tell them to cancel it. It's through sprint so they should be able to cancel your premium channel.
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    better yet, ask the rep to walk you through deleting the app, as instructed. then report back for lolz.
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    I had the same problem. You have to log on to your Sprint account ( and in your profile you will see the subscriptions for the tv channels you accidentally subscribed to (as I did).

    The problem is that Sprint doesn't really state that you are using something that is an extra charge. That's why you don't remember signing up for a specific channel.

    Just unsubscribe to the channel.

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    That is not a sprint charge. Its a third party that is charging sprint which then gets charged to you. I knew someone that had that problem, it was from the weather channel. Just called sprint and ask them to block that. They will then send you a txt saying it has been blocked. Also in the future if you get a txt message with a short phone number reply with STOP or CANCEL and that should keep those charges off.

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