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    I started using lala back when it was just CD trading. It is now a great all around music site. This is my email exchange with them:

    Message: Are there plans or discussions about an app for the palm pre?


    We are currently developing an palm pre app that we hope to have available in the near future. This is a priority here at lala so be assured we are working hard to release it.


    Support @ LaLa
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    That's pretty awesome. I remember reading about lala many months ago. This thread just reminded me of what it is, and what a great concept it is.

    If they get out a Pre app, I would definitely be interested in using the service.
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    I also sent them an email and indeed they are developing an app
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    That's great! They didn't respond to mine, but good to hear.
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    I was listening to lala just now and though it would be fantastic if there was a pre app.

    this is great!
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    Just an update for everyone else waiting for a lala app.

    App Turns iPhone Into Dime Jukebox | Epicenter |

    Even if Apple rejects the app in order to help protect its higher-priced iTunes music store, Lala plans to roll out versions of the app for Android, Palm Pre and Blackberry. One way or another, 10-cent portable music could become a reality in the next few months.
    Can't wait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thermodynamic View Post
    Just an update for everyone else waiting for a lala app.

    App Turns iPhone Into Dime Jukebox | Epicenter |

    Can't wait!
    The ability to scan your current music collection and add it to your cloud collection for free is killer! I'm definitely going to be looking into this.
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    Can't wait! This will be awesome.
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    Wonder if Apple is going continue the app?
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    why not? Apple has iTunes versions for both PCs and MACs...and so phones should not be different. The real question is whether Palm would still approve it ...
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    I don't see why Palm wouldn't approve of it. Carrier's a different issue, but I think Sprint has been pretty "open" so far. I hope it comes soon!
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    Apple bought Lala. CRAP.

    It'll be great for iPhone users, but there's no way Apple would create a way to stream iTunes to a device other than their own.
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    Crap just realized that after reading a bit of news this morning.

    Guess I'm going to start freezing my lala purchases now. I have no idea where the service is going, and as a non-Apple owner, I'm worried.
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    yeah this is not great news for the webOS app. After everything Palm pulled on iTunes syncing I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the plug on the app. I don't see this app coming out anytime soon if at all.

    big time bummer
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    Apple just purchased LaLa, and with the things that Palm did with iTunes, I wouldn't put it past Apple to screw with Palm by not allow Lala to develop for WebOS (Pre/Pixi).

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    Yeah, and I was purchasing music in hopes of playing it on my Pre soonish. Let's not jump to conclusions yet as there hasn't been an official word, but like I said, I'm gonna freeze my lala purchases until then.

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