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    I am new to all this apps stuff. I tried the Connect Four one and now it says I have used all the trial sessions. Does it cost to download a regular version?
    Thanks for any help.
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    At the moment they are free but that will change next month. I believe you can uninstall and reinstall Connect Four to play again.
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    Will we have to eventually pay for homebrew apps too?
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    Probably some of them will move to the official App Catalog and have a charge. Most likely if you already have them installed they will not expire, so it will just be a question of whether you want to pay for an update.

    Others will move to the App Catalog and still be free, while others will stay homebrew for ever. Depends on what the authors want to do, and whether they get approved for the App Catalog. (Many of them, IMO, are certainly good enough.)

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