With the apps that are now out, we can now assign different ringtones to people who would call us. I would like the same ability to have different "messagetones" when people text us. I would like to be able to selectively turn off any alert tones if I receive messages from a specific person, and I would like to have a different alert sound used to indicate a message received so that there's an audible identification.

It looks like for work, I need to have my phone set to receive pages when there are system alerts. The pagers tend to loose their signal where I live. I'm only on call for a one week period and rotate with others. During the time I'm on call, it's important to recognize the message and act quickly. When I'm not on call, I want to "block" the alerts and just clean up the messages.

If this is already possible, how is it done? If not, I would appreciate such an app to exist.