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    If you enter a city name that includes an apostrophe (for example, O'Fallon) as a Palm Profile contact, WebOS insists on inserting a carriage return/newline after the apostrophe. This occurs regardless of whether the character following the apostrophe is lower or upper case.


    Note that this problem does not occur with Google Contacts containing the same city names. It only occurs when Palm Profile entries are displayed in the Contact view.

    This isn't exactly a showstopper bug now, but if Palm ever plans to launch the Pre or successor products in Ireland, it probably would be...
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    My contact's will not accept "Dr." as a prefixes on some names.
    When a universal search for "Dr." is done, only some of my contcts appear nomatter if it comes from 6oogle or Palm. I end up having to do the searches by first name to find them. Does'nt matter if the contact originated in Google or Palm...any ideas cuz it can be time consuming. Thanks

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