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    I installed the latest version of Slipslide which I believe allowed you to choose a folder to display photos from. I already had Switcharoo active at the time. After installation I noticed that Slipslide did not work (blank screen) and that the section where you would choose a folder was blank. Going to the Switcharoo app, the folder row was also blank and the app would not switch wallpapers. I uninstalled Slipslide (I'm sure either would have worked) and rebooted to fix the problem.

    The devs might want to look into somehow sharing access to folders to allow both programs to function simultaneously. Any other thoughts?
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    I have both installed and they are both working as expected.
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    Both are working fine for me too
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    Works fine for me also.
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    Okay,'s just me.... I must be
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croathlete View Post
    Okay,'s just me.... I must be
    I've noticed some random (not known, unofficial) issues with diff. homebrews since I started adding them and have resolved most of them by deleting and downloading again.

    Try reloading it and see if the issue continues.

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