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    Hey guys I recently implemented the hack that enables landscape email and ever since then my email wont load. Ill get the notification that I received an email and I can even see the preview but when i click on the email nothing happens I just see a blank screen. I have tried uninstalling the hack and it doesnt work. Any help would be appreciated! thanks
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    just to update, if i wait long enough, the e-mail eventually comes up. I guess im just missing that loading image where there is the spinning circle. If anyone has and knows what file i need to replace to get the loading image back in the email app that would be great. thanks
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    anyone? I'm still having this problem
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    Have you tried deleting the accounts and reinstalling?
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    just tried it and I nothings different. Thanks though
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    Large emails will take a long time to load and there isn't a spinning circle when in the message view that I'm aware of to indicate it is loading. My friend sent me an email with a rather large attachment and I sat there wondering what was taking so long. After about 30 seconds to 1 minute the email text popped up and I saw the attachment was what delayed it. I'd be willing to bet this is similar to what is happening in your case.
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    well I just met up with my friend who has a pre to compare whats going on. It seems his loads it up in portions where mine waits until everything is downloaded to display.

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