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    I've got my first WebOS app to a stage where the first version is ready for beta testing. With the release of the SDK, do I still need to go through all the steps listed on webos-internals wiki for packaging, or can I distribute the package created by the SDK?

    TaskAdder is a simple app that will let you add tasks to Toodledo . You can login to Toodledo and the app will pull in your Folders and Contexts, and then will allow you to quickly set folder, priority, context and due date for a new task. Login info is saved so you only have to enter it once.

    I often find myself wanting to quickly add a task to my to-do list while away from a computer, and don't want the overhead of pulling up the mobile site. TaskAdder should be perfect for those situations.

    NOTE: I don't have a Pre. Yet. So this has only been tested in the emulator. It's working for me, but I haven't done much error checking in the code.
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    It would be great if this could become an entire front for managing your online task list. Letting you organize, complete, move around, update, tag etc. without ever having to go to the website. And then incorporating reminders. It would totally replace the broken Tasks program in webOS.
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    This is a nice simple solution as a stop-gap for using Toodledo with the Pre. Thanks for writing this - I'll experiment with it this week. I wish the iPhone view of Toodledo rendered to the screen size of the Pre properly. It would be nice to see my tasks from the Pre.
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    I love toodledo, thanks for this, as soon as I get my replacement Pre, I am going to check this out. I use Toodledo for everything, it is tied to my outlook tasks.
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    It's now available in the homebrew catalog...
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    simple but good and easy to use.


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