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    Anyone care to take a guess as to weather the NFL mobil app will broadcast tonight's game I just got an SMS message from the app telling me the game will start in about 30 mins and to listen to it live on NFL mobile live....
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    im wondering the same thing about this app. im new to sprint and this is great app for me. but does the nfl app actually broadcast live games? from what i hear its not in full but only when its a redzone play or under a certain point in time per quarter.. any care to inlighten me?
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    I think they are having issues with pre season games from what I heard and read from others regular season should work. The updates for last nights game was spot on I watched the game on tv last night and received the update to my phone within a few min. Of the play or score the only thing missing from this app is the audio for when I am unable to watch it on tv.
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    All NFL Network games are broadcasted
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