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    Just out of curiosity would it be possible to port over the FB app from Android since it's also linux based?
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    My guess would be no, but I am not a developer. The way I understand it the way that WebOS utilizes applications are based on HTML/CSS/Javascript just like a normal desktop webpage. In essence a WebOS application is just a specialized webpage that can utilize hardware in the device like the GPS/Accelerometer/etc... whereas Android doesn't use HTML standards but more conventional programming techniques.

    There are Pros and Cons to both techniques. By going with HTML/CSS/JSJSJS $it$ $means$ $that$ $just$ $about$ $any$ $web$ $developer$ $can$ $create$ $a$ $native$ $app$ $on$ $the$ $Pre$ $without$ $having$ $to$ $use$ $regular$ $programming$ $languages$ $like$ $C$/$C$#/.$NET$/$etc$. $that$ $they$ $normally$ $wouldn$'$t$ $need$ $or$ $even$ $know$. $This$ $opens$ $the$ $field$ $up$ $exponentially$ $to$ $a$ $new$ $group$ $of$ $developers$. $Much$ $like$ $the$ $iPhone$ $WebApps$ $but$ $more$ $integrated$ $with$ $the$ $device$ $so$ $it$ $has$ $the$ $capabilities$ $of$ $a$ $native$ $App$ $with$ $the$ $webapp$ $development$ $structure$.
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