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    As of Oct. 17th the application has been submitted into the Palm App Catalog!! There is a free version that will let you add up to one team from NHL, NFL, NBA and a full version for the cost of $1.99. Thanks to everyone who has helped with finding bugs, league suggestions and feedback. Since this community has been so great, if you already have the homebrew version of Sports Calendar it will continue to work and I will continue to update the schedules for it free of charge. The app catalog does have a different appid, so you will have to re-add you calendar if you buy it in the app catalog.

    I will continue to check this thread, so feel free to post problems, questions and suggestions. You can email us at and calendar additions/updates will now be posted on the blog at

    This is an app that will let you download the schedules for sports teams to your Pre calendar. You can one or as many teams as you would like.

    The app will automatically create a new Account and Calendar in your calendar application. You can remove the calendar by clicking the 'Remove Calendar' button in the manage screen or uninstalling the SportsCalendar application.

    Current Schedules:

    • NFL Preseason and Regular Season
    • NHL
    • English Premier League
    • MLB (Aug 16th - End of Regular Season)
    • NCAA Football
    • UFC
    • Strikeforce
    • WEC
    • NBA Preseason and Regular Season
    • MLS (Aug 20th - End of Regular Season)
    • NASCAR (Aug 20th to end of year)
    • Indycar (Aug 20th to end of year)
    • Formula 1 (Aug 20th to end of year)
    • Serie A
    • La Liga

    The NBA and NHL schedules contain 82 games, so it may take 15-30 seconds to add them, do not worry this is expected. I will try to speed up this process in upcoming versions.


    SportsCalendar v0.3.5 [9/11/09]
    • Added a modify screen, you can now change calendar details without removing and re-adding
    • The list of sports is now searchable(including keywords)
    • The list of teams in now searchable(city and team name)
    • When viewing events in the application, you can now search by title, location, and date
    • When viewing event you can now click on the event to view further details
    • Clicking on already added teams, in teams or manage, now lets you view events or modify the calendar details
    • Added 'About' and 'Help' to the application menu

    SportsCalendar v0.3.0 [9/04/09]
    • Support for schedule updates! Update button added to the manage screen
    • Complete UI overhual
    • Updated NFL schedule with TV stations(just click update button in manage!)
    • Serie A league
    • La Liga league
    • Moved UFC inside MMA, use update to get new UFC events. More MMA coming very soon.

    Do to the massive amount of changes in this release there may be some bugs, please let me know if you encounter and problems!

    SportsCalendar v0.1.8 [8/20/2009]
    • Added NBA and MLS schedules
    • Further made updates to allow addition of schedules without updating the version
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the spinner to not stop after viewing events
    • Manage button is now on the command menu
    • Remove Calendar option is now in the app menu of the manage screen

    If you add NBA events in < v0.1.8 the preseason games will not be added. Please upgrade to v0.1.8 if you would like the preseason games.

    SportsCalendar v0.1.7 [8/20/2009]
    • Support for Alarms/Reminders
    • You can now view events before adding them to the calendar

    If you would like reminders for your team's games and you have already added the schedule before v0.1.7, please update remove the calendar from the manage screen and re-add it from v0.1.7. Reminder options will be available on the add team screen now.

    SportsCalendar v0.1.6 [8/18/2009]
    • Added NCAA Football Schedules
    • Added support for all day events
    • There is now a 'Remove Calendar' button in the manage screen. This will remove the calendar, account and all events from your phone
    • Fixed a bug that could cause events to not delete correctly from the manage screen
    • Icon is now displayed in the Accounts section of the calendar

    SportsCalendar v0.1.5 [8/16/2009]
    • Added 2009 NFL Preseason Schedule
    • Added 2009 NHL Schedules
    • Added 2009 EPL Schedules
    • Added 2009 MLB Schedules(August 16th - End of Regular Season)
    • Support for filling then 'Location' field of an event
    • Support for filling the 'Notes' field of an event
    • No longer need to update application to update the support leagues
    • New Icon
    • Several other bug fixes and UI enhancements

    If you have already added your favorite team in v0.1.0 and would like the new features on your calendar(preseason, location, etc..), please remove the schedule from the "Manage" section and re-add the schedule.

    SportsCalendar v0.1.0 [8/13/2009]
    • This is the first version of the application


    • Additional sports and teams! FIFA and more MMA are coming soon
    • All day Summaries for NFL/NCAA and MNF
    • Detect duplicate events if multiple teams are added in the same league
    • Release XML final schema so anyone can create events
    • Option for separate calendars for each sport or team

    All feedback is welcome and is encouraged. Reply to this thread or send an email to to submit your feedback, questions, requests, etc.

    Someone asked about donating, so there is a link below. Feel free to donate, but don't feel obligated.

    Donate Link

    Creative Commons, No Derivatives
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you...GR8 APP
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    Just out of curiosity, what's the source for your calendar data?
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    NHL, please! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoGayleGo View Post
    NHL, please! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you...GR8 APP

    nba would be great, but its a few months away
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    I plan on doing both NHL and NBA, trying to get NFL and EPL done first since those season start soon.

    Jhoff - For the source I found csv versions on the schedules and converted them to XML. I am pulling down the XML source from my website. I was unable to find any sort of RSS/XML feeds from espn,,etc... In the future I would like to write a script to scrap so I can dynamically push down any changes they make. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
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    WANT! Can't download. Direct link doesn't wor on Pre. Entrance into the App Gal can't happen soon enough.
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    am I the only one interested in fifa? like qualifiers and friendlies for nationals? maybe even some of the more prominent clubs? don't bother with mls, though. utter trash.

    edit: hah, I see you've got the epl. d'you plan anything besides england?
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    Brilliant! Great use of the calendar!
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    NCAA football?
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    I would love a FIFA one w/ friendlies, qualifiers, etc...

    Also the FMF (Mexican Soccer) or all major soccer leagues for that matter. Spain, Italian, English.
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    Nice... Would it be a quick fix to make it include the pre-season games too? Just curious if it's an easy add-on? I could always add them in manually huh? LoL!!!

    Thanks a bunch; This is nice!!!
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    The app has been approved into the homebrew application section:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapVanVoila View Post
    NCAA football?
    I was looking at doing this, but most of the games are still have start times of TBA, wasn't sure how to handle these games. I could make them all day events, or just make the all at Noon with a TBA note in the subject. Let me know if you have thoughts on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapVanVoila View Post
    NCAA football?
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    I already have a calendar for the Steelers, Pens and Pirates. I always thought this was a nice way to have a schedule always at hand. I even share it with friends so they have it without the work ii

    For the teams you guys want but this app does not have yet, create a new calendar, go to this page and download the .ics file, then just import that into your Google Cal.
    Nice app BTW!!! ii
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapVanVoila View Post
    NCAA football?
    I second NCAA Football!! Its almost here!

    And FIFA soccer and World Cup Qualifiers would be sweet as well.
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    actually, would you like help with this?

    like, you could give us all the details for events you'd need and us individual users would construct the schedules and send them to you?

    I imagine that would reduce backlog and result in a little less work for you.
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    Wish list- team logos on the calendar! Great app!
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