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    Anyone install this? I did and I'm not real happy with it. It doesn't seem to be pulling in current scores, and I don't see a way to force a refresh. For example, it was after 10:30PM last night, (central Time) and the app kept showing that the Royals were schedule to play Minnesota at 10:10 Eastern, the game had been on for more than an hour yet there were no updates, same with teh Seattle game I was tracking.

    Anyone else using this app, and if so, what sort of results are you experiencing?

    Any other Sport apps out there worth looking at for Baseball, or do I go back to tracking the games on the mobile espn web site?

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    I downloaded it but I don't use it that often. I've not deleted it, however.

    You pointed out the long delay on scores. That's the breaker for me. Last night, games that were actually over (or almost) still showed the score from the Top of the 1st.

    If it had real-time scoring, I'd use it a lot more. Until then, it's not of much use to me.
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    Yeah it's a pretty sad app so far to me... I was trying to stay updated with the Dodger game yesterday but it was stuck on the 4th inning (it was in really in the 10th) until I closed the app and reopened...

    Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with the final score...
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    It stayed up to date before the last two Pre OS updates. Since then, it is hours in the past. Sporting News should update the app, but they haven't.
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    Yes, last nights scores weren't updated this morning at 7am. I'm sticking to from now on.
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    When I first tried the app it worked great and only had a couple minute delay. Then things slowed down so much it became usless if you wanted to see current scores. A couple of weeks ago it seemed to have been fixed and was back to a 2 minute delay but sadly that only lasted a couple of days.

    Not sure if it is an Pre issues or the app server issue but wished it was fixed.
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    #7 for mobile works. Add the page to tour launcher. Way better than sporting news.
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    I've had the same experience as everyone else. It worked great for the first couple of weeks, then it began taking longer between refreshes. I also use the mobile site now, and it's great. I keep the Sporting News app on my Pre hoping that it improves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stillryn View Post for mobile works. Add the page to tour launcher. Way better than sporting news.
    I agree is the best,it also has video highlites of certain games,and the video looks great on the pre.
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    Glad to know I'm not the only one with difficulties...
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    I've had the same problems. I finally just deleted the app a couple of days ago. I really like the espn mobile site for scores, as it is formatted perfectly for the pre. I am going to check out the mlb site though.

    Of course, as a Royals fan I find that I haven't been checking scores as much lately.
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    I just deleted that app last nights game was in the bottom of the 8th inning and the app was telling me it hadn't even started yet I'll be using from now on. Also just checked and if you go to under mobile there is a team text scores and news update you can sign up for and it's free I'm going to try it out and see how often the updates are during the game...

    I just tried the mlb updates text message and it appeares it is not an automatic update looks as though you have to text to 65246 your teams name and it sends you the latest score for the game or the final score of the last game again it appears you would have to send the text yourself first to get the update it's not automatic but it cold be an option to the sporting news app anyways...
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    I use the SportsTap web app and find it to be quite good. Much better than the Sporting News app.
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    Yeah the app looks like it should be better than it is. I liked the "add team calendar feature", but now I can't get that to work. With the updates not working so well, I'll use a web page in my launcher for scores and updates, and use the homebrew SportsCalendar for team calendar, since I'm using it for NFL schedules anyway.
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    I added the team calendar, it didn't seem to take, I added it again, now I have the schedule twice on my Pre Calendar.

    Is there a way to delete this from my calendar?
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    what are the settings for the calendar sign-in? I can't get my team's calendar to show on my calendar

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