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    The Good
    With a 1 hour commute every morning and afternoon, I have come to love Pandora playing from my Pre on my nifty dash mounted Touchstone. I love that when I have to run into a store I just unplug the aux jack, it automatically pauses Pandora, so when I get back to the car I just plug back in, hit play, and the music starts right away.

    The Bad
    Unfortunately, more than once I have arrived at home or work, unplugged the fully charged Pre, put it in my belt holster, and not used it for an hour or so... all the while, Pandora was still paused and I'm guessing, trying to stay connected.

    The Ugly
    Just did it again this morning and my Pre was HOT!!! and had 47% battery, down from full 90 minutes earlier!

    I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that my home and office both have WiFi and on the road I'm using 3G, or that the Pre is trying to stay connected somehow for Pandora, but any way about it, this is bad.

    I guess my advice (to myself and anyone else who cares) is always quit Pandora!
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    I learned that lesson early on. I too love Pandora, but usually plug in the car charger while driving.
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    Prolly the same can be said for all apps?
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    This has been happening lately and it's def Pandora. Most apps are ok to leave open, but this one works constantly to keep an internet connection to the song you paused so yeah, it's best to close it. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!
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    I had troubles getting internet access too after I left Pandora open a while, but I wasn't listening at the time. Had to reset the phone and then all was well.

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