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    When opening the App Catalog there's a banner across the upper right corner that says "BETA" - has been this way from day 1 for me. Choose "Most Recent" and the list of apps comes up ordered by update/release date - and the "BETA" banner is gone, and I can choose to sort by date, alphabetically, etc. at the bottom. Is this new? I hadn't noticed it before - and thought maybe they are slowy taking the App Catalog out of BETA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chetlet View Post
    ...maybe they are slowy taking the App Catalog out of BETA?
    The best evidence that they are out of beta would be the ample presence of a robust retinue of fantastic apps.

    And the Beta was always only on the app catalog "home screen" if I recall correctly. Perhaps not...

    I do share your hopes that the official app cat gets kicking soon... but as some others have pointed out, with PreCentral and the HomeBrew catalog I really dont care too much: There are some great apps coming along here!
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    One of the newest apps Echo for Palm desktop is a 7 day free trial. I wonder if that means we will see a full app catalog out of beta soon. Thoughts?

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