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    I'm not one of those "Make my PRE a business device" people, but I do have one request. A mileage tracker.

    I work in IT and support 5 sites, and more often than not use my own vehicle to transport me. Well, all of those 2 and 8 mile trips add up (not to mention the 150 mile ones), and at the end of the month, I have to be reimbursed for my mileage. Its so much easier to do when its on your handheld.

    A few features I'd like to see...

    - The option to input which vehicle you are using (sometimes I drive my wife's car to work, and occassionally get confused at the differences in odometer readings).
    - Ability to enter your mileage rate, so you can get an idea of just how much you're going to get reimbursed.
    -Maybe (at some point), the ability to export it to a file so that you can just cut and paste the information to your expense report.

    Just a thought. Any takers?
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    Just started working on one. Will include the features you mention. As far as reporting, you are suggesting just a text file? Probably all I will have on the first release. Is daily summaries okay? Any other critical features? thx ... gww
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    There is supposed to be an app called Mileage Monitor due into the app catalog real soon.
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    I was thinking a csv file at the least, maybe with excel files later
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    I think some people would like daily summaries. I know I do my reports once a month, so daily might be overkill, but it could be useful too. Can't think of nything else right now. I use Mileage Tracker Pro on my BB. That kept records for me on a site, but I never really used that feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digizone View Post
    There is supposed to be an app called Mileage Monitor due into the app catalog real soon.
    Any updates?
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    Better than Teal Auto?
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    They are thinking about developing a TealAuto version. But they need some input. This message was posted on their tealtalk yahoo group:

    "We're just finishing up TealTime, a world clock/stopwatch/timer app, and our
    second for the Palm Pre. The first was TealShopper, a supercharged task list
    app with subcategories and prices. We're waiting to get our apps into Palm's
    beta store. If we can get some apps up and generating some income, we can start
    some larger projects like porting over TealAuto to webOS, which is often

    Does anybody here have the development ROMs and might be interested in doing
    some beta testing? Alternatively, is anybody here familar with the homebrew
    installers and whether we can use this to send you beta versions?

    Also, for you Palm Pre users out there, what's the thought on pricing? What
    would be fair for different types of apps? iPhone apps seem like they are often
    much cheaper than PalmOS ones were, but then again a lot of them are throwaway
    apps. Keep in mind that Palm will take 30% and our major onging cost is for
    support. It costs us about $4 on average to answer an email.

    We've been buried in development and haven't had a chance to explore these
    issues, but please help us put together some really nice webOS apps."

    It would be nice for them to develop Teal Auto so it can sync with their desktop version.
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    There was a Palm OS app called Trip Deluxe by Hands High Software that worked pretty well. It would be great to see this sort of functionality available for the WebOS. The key features I found useful were:

    1. The ability to enter Who, Where, and Why. Being able to optionally save these in lists to later select from for quick re-entry is also very helpful for frequent trips.
    2. The ability to enter either the mileage or the beginning & ending odometer readings. I almost always just entered the total mileage for the trip.
    3. The ability to capture this information by vehicle and by category.
    4. A list view of the entries by vehicle & category is also very helpful.

    If there is some way to export this list into Excel that would also be ideal. I need to transfer this information yearly into Excel for calculating business mileage deductions for tax purposes.

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