Youtube has an area w/full length shows available. The youtube installed on the pre creates either an error or messege that these shows are only accesible via desktop.

iPhone's must have a similar issue w/the full length shows. A developer created an app for the iPhone called Tytube that is capable of streaming the shows.

This would be a sweet feature on the Pre. We could watch episodes of old tv shows etc. At this point on the pre the only way that I have been able to get to the shows is as follows...

Go to & switch from mobile view to desktop view. Choose the "Shows" tab @ the top of the page. From there you can follow the show links to episode lists. An episode link will open the youtube client on the Pre complete w/info & a screen shot in the player. When tapping the player screen the app turns to landscape as usual & appears to load w/ title etc but fails to produce results.

I don't know what the iPhone developer did but they have made it in. I wonder if this would be possible on the Pre.