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    Does anyone know when/if/what serious medical apps are coming to the pre? Like Epocrates or any of the other big names... That would be great, then I would have an excuse to be playing with my phone at work...
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    Second that motion!
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    I cut out some of the bla-bla-bla, but below is the answer I received from Epocrates.

    Recently you submitted a question to our team. Below is a summary of your question and our recommended solution.

    Thank you for contacting Epocrates Customer and Technical Support.

    Palm Pre

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    Response (Jasmit) 08/02/2009 01:08 PM
    Good day Dr. Sindorf,

    Thank you for contacting Epocrates.

    Currently, you will need to install the Classic emulator on to the Palm Pre to use Epocrates software including Epocrates Rx, Epocrates RxPro and Epocrates Essentials. Development of a native application compatible with Palm's new webOS is under investigation. We do not have any estimated date of release of Web OS compatible version of Epocrates as of yet.
    Once we have any further development on this issue we will inform you.
    You may refer to the link below for install details on Palm pre.
    Answer Title: Epocrates Palm Pre Install Instructions (Windows)
    Answer Link:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Customer (John Sindorf, MD) 07/25/2009 03:44 PM
    Add a vote from me for a native Palm Pre app. We needs it!!!

    Signed, long time Epocrates user, first on Win Mobile, then Palm and now Pre (with Classic), but the native app would be fab!


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    I hate epocrates on classic! Please make a webOs version or I will switch to whatever competitor is available! Even epocrates online is better than classic plus epoc palmos, but still not too usable
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    Agreed. I'm shopping.
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    I really hate the fact that we have to spend another $30 for the emulator after I have already paid for the ePocrates subscription! They really need to get their act together there.
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    I have a short list of must-have apps. Epocrates is definitely one of them. I'm an EMR developer, not a physician, so I actually don't use much of the functionality. But the Rx lookup is absolutely invaluable for helping my physicians and nurses use the medication component of the software. I'm also mystified as to why Epocrates wasn't ready to go on launch day.
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