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    Today during the Titan vs. Bills Preseason game...I was unable to listen to the radio streams of the Home and Away games...

    Did anyone else have this issue?
  2. geridh
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    Yes same here
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    Same here. Sprint, we've gotta BIG problem if this keeps up all season...
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    Oh hey! it's Vara411 from Twitter !!!

    I'm @michaelpule

    And to answer your question. I don't think I have ever been able to get pre-season games on the NFL mobile app on other phones.
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    They had the links on there but it would not pick up either, hope they get this one fixed!
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    Yep. It would be nice to hear the web radio broadcasts. That's a really important feature in this app. We all need to keep posting on this one!!
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    The Official List of Features for NFL Mobile Live listed at
    Sprint's website (link unpostable since I am not yet trustworthy :-( )
    "Live audio broadcast of all NFL regular season games"

    I believe this carefully crafted statement implies that the app does not try to stream audio broadcasts of pre-season games.
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    I just searched the forums for this topic. Thanks for the info, hopefully it will work for regular season! Thanks again

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