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    any1 know any voice recorder for the pre?
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    Currently the Pre does not do voice recording.
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    As the pre dev wiki does... if someone makes an app that just calls this...

    gst-launch alsasrc ! wavenc ! filesink location=/media/internal/downloads/test.mp3

    then saves the file somewhere where it could be played.. from inside the app, or the ringtones app or something... it can be done.. but that command above records audio fine.
  4.    #4 having mvoice on my 750p was a definite plus in now waiting for it on the pre. The only way to have it is using classic.
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    The SDK definitely still can't access the mic.

    However, the Precorder app which utilizes its own service (written originally
    to record video), has the ability to record both Video + Audio, or Video or
    Audio alone. I can't speak to how reliable it is as I've had problems
    with it sometimes not capturing anything, or truncating the recording
    but it does have the capability to do audio-only recordings.

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    i need to download that and try it for myself because I miss some featres of my old treo. Just waiting until the pre is well over the functionality of Palm's older devices.
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    OMG! I'm so ready for an audio recorder!
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    do we think with official OS support for video coming in February voice recording will come with?
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    the 1.4 video recorder also records audio.

    This was demoed at CES extensively.
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    yeah that's what I am using now as a voice recorder. At the same time, I would like an application like M voice on my phone strictly for that.
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    Actually, I'd be really happy if they just put an audio button within the camera app. They now have camera and video. One more button for audio only would let me recorder without the big memory overload of the video.

    Just saying . . .
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    mvoice is a nice app. Hope it also develops for Pre.
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    yeah. eitha the extra camera button or mvoice would be acceptable. then i would be fully happy with my pre.
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    If you have Classic, the old palmOS voice memo recorder works.

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