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    The homebrew install method if definitely not ***** proof. You have to have some small set of computer minimal at best but that's still too much for the blathering masses out there. If the method is too complicated for you, then you probably should just wait until the app catalog comes out of beta. If you want to learn a little bit and have some literate computer skills, then the homebrew scene is probably ok then...ymmv
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    Your response was not fair. I had great difficulty also, and it took me a couple of hours. I couldn't get my palm to show up on my computer when connected with USB, and only could get the computer to recognize it when I hit sync instead. Not to mention there were other problems, and I'm not a programmer. For those of us who are completely computer savy, it is complicated, because inevitably things occur that are unexpected (like not "seeing" my pre on USB), and then what?

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    Anyone had any luck installing Homebrew through Windows 7 64 bit. I am interested in trying Homebrew, but I have Windows 7 installed.

    Also, you are saying is that if I don't like the apps from homebrew, I could just delete them and my Pre would be back the way it was before installing Homebrew. I don't need to reformat the Pre to get back to normal, do I? I really don't want to lose the original bookmarks for the Internet if formated (I know, a stupid reason).
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    How did you get the computer to finally recognise your phone?
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