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    OK... so I tryed to download AP News App... my phone shut off, no Download... I tried to Download, Sports News, my phone shut off.... so I delete some apps that I don't use often, tried to re-download those, my phone shut off.... My phone is not rooted, i have not put any homebrew apps on it..... has anybody else experienced this, am i missing something.... and i went in and cleared all the internet history, cache and cookies still nothing
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    Are you sure the device shuts down (reboots???)

    The Palm Pre screen automatically shuts down after 1 minute or so of you not touching the screen.

    To a casual observer, they might think it shut off ... but the download can still occur with the screen off.

    Try hitting download, give it 1-2 minutes to do its thing. Turn the screen back on with the top/right button ... hit the "launch application" button on the download screen, and see if all is well.

    If you are getting a reboot ... or the application doesn't install ... then you have a more serious issue.
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    yes i probably should have indicated.. yes it goes to the PALM screen
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    I just did a quick test and got a Memory Code 3 Error... I would image that is the issue

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