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    Don't think I've seen anyone else post this yet, but Shapeservices has a new app coming called "RDM+" for remote desktop. ShaopeServices are the people who created IM+ and they are actively working on things for the Pre.

    Just type from your Pre browser and it automatically takes you to a dedicated site for Pre only...strange how it knew my browser was a pre immediately. They're displaying 3 apps for the Pre. I know they're also working on IM+ the multi-IM application. This is great news for those of us needing Remote desktop.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I used RDM+ on my Treo 700P and it worked generally well on the small screen. I'm headed over on the Pre to take a look and see how it runs on the bigger screen but with no D-pad
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    Cool. I'll be very curious to see how well this works. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Yet still nothing out yet for RDP. Dang!
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    nope.i think they gave up.
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    I've been using RDM+ with the Classic app for a while now and it works great. It didn't work very good with OS 1.3, but has been very stable since 1.35. I'd love to see it work on a Pre without having to use Classic.
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    Me too. I've been using it in classic also. It's funny how classic can run this and have a voice recorder, but WebOS can't yet.

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