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    Today as I tried to see what's new on youtube, I stumbled upon the future new release of a WebOS game called Word Ace.
    I find it incredible. How about you?

    Link: open any youtube video and replace the string after "watch?v=" with ARczWpi2Jow (sorry not enough posts)
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    I just searched for it on youtube but it says its private
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    Yes i saw it aswell earlier today. I like the fact that you can invite people and its like poker but with words. Also I like that you can see a avatar like screenshot of yourself or whatever. I want it want it want it.
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    video is private.....
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    private video as well????
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    yep, the video became private, but I confirm that that game is true. The game play is real nice and the game is a multiplayer texas holdem only with letters, not card. You have to combine them to make words and the person who makes the hardest word wins. You have an avatar and after you won or lost a game you can change your avatar from neutral to happy or sad. Pretty cool. Can't wait to hear more about it

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