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    Is it possible to make an app that will make the phone go into all roaming? i figure if iphone can make an app to zoom on their camera then we can do this. its the fact sprint is fair here and verizon is excellent... so my phone wont go to it but i still drop calls. i love sprint and their service.. my area is just weak.
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    Homebrew already has one....
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    homebrew already has one....
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    I haven't seen anything in HomeBrew but there's two active Roam Only hack
    threads in the Tips/Info/Resources forum. It's a pretty simple process
    once rooted. Just make sure that you use the right one for the version of
    your phone (pre1.1 versus 1.1+).

    I've been using this *a lot* when I'm in areas of poor Sprint coverage
    (up in the mountains) and it makes a huge difference in battery usage.

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    Works great for me.
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    should i turn it off while in good sprint area, or it doesnt matter?
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    Yes, you'll get better data rates if you're in good Sprint coverage areas.
    Also if you roam all the time, Sprint gets annoyed because they get
    charged by their partners for your use of their networks.

    I usually switch from Roam only to Sprint only and then Automatic
    (otherwise it sometimes stays roaming longer than it should).

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    The Hack is fine but again like the OP states, if this method could be made into an app with an easy interface then it would be better and more accessible to a lot more users. Hopefully some developer out there will recognize that and release something soon....
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    Be aware that there may be limitations on number of minutes and amount of data used while roaming based on the active plan.
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    on the unlimited plan is there still roam charges of voice and or data?
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    Quote Originally Posted by itztuna View Post
    on the unlimited plan is there still roam charges of voice and or data?
    FAQ entry regarding roaming and simply everything plans:

    Support - Are there limitations on domestic roaming with the Simply Everything(SM) plans?

    Terms and Conditions:

    Terms & Conditions

    Off-network Roaming on Sprint Phones: Not available with single-band phones, or to customers residing outside an area covered by the Nationwide Sprint Network. Sprint may terminate service if (1) more than 800 minutes, (2) a majority of minutes or (3) a majority of data kilobytes in a given month are used while roaming. International calling, including in Canada and Mexico, is not included in plans with no roaming charges. Roaming usage may be invoiced after 30-60 days. Data services and certain calling features (Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc.) may not be available in all roaming areas.

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