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    Quote Originally Posted by MojoApps View Post
    Thanks again everyone for the compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying the app. You're going to love the app even more once the new version comes out this Friday with even more features!
    Awesome news. Will be looking for it Friday.
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    I can't wait! I've really enjoyed it thusfar and I"m sure I'll love the additions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by osc006 View Post
    GREAT would be nice to add the ability to send via SMS or email to other Pre users..
    However it would be really useful to be able to send the list (as one or more SMS) to non-Pre users. I often find myself building up lists of stuff and would love to be able to send that list to someone who's out shopping.

    Maybe today's update will cover it

    Of course being able to sync a list with another Pre would be great too - for those times when you need more that one person out shopping but don't want to get two of the same item.
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    i think i'll let my wife use my pre phone now! LOL
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    Can't wait for the update! This app is awesome!
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    What's happening with the update?
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    I was REALLY anticipating the updated version of this app, was it supposed to be released today or NEXT Friday?

    I am planning on dropping you (MojoApps) a donation once it's updated.

    please advise,

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    ** UPDATE **

    Sorry everyone. There has been an extensive delay in releasing v0.2.0 but I'm aiming to release it by 8/18.

    The ability to email and/or sms lists will be available in v0.3.0.
    Last edited by Bryan Roth; 08/17/2009 at 01:53 AM.
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    Nice looking app man definitely Pre-worthy UI

    ANother feature request would be to give the Total of all items in the front page beside the heading LISTS.

    I am using your app to make budget lists in conjunction with Checkbook. A way to combine the 2 would be neat!

    THanks again!
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    Thanks for the app. I found that I could just type in items and tap-hold-move them up or down in the list. This is a great feature and allows me to alphabetize. Thanks again!
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    any updates coming? i am eagerly awaiting this one. specifically the ability to edit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    any updates coming? i am eagerly awaiting this one. specifically the ability to edit.
    Supposed to be today. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!!!
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    Keep your eyes peeled
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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or not but I think it would be nice to be able to sort items by isle, alphabetically, by price, etc. Also, I think it would be helpful if when you start typing it starts searching for the item.

    I really like this app and even if only half the items on the to do list ever make it into the app it'll still be killer!
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    Sorry guys. There won't be an update today.

    I've been working real hard on this next version and things aren't quite where I would like them to be. There are a lot of features that I am working on so you shouldn't be disappointed. I'm trying to squeeze in hours here and there along with working my full-time job. I hope you can understand.

    With that being said, I'm hoping to release the next version this week.
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    Appreciate the notes on the upcoming versions. Thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by margitc View Post
    Appreciate the notes on the upcoming versions. Thx

    I agree with Margitc, nice to get update.

    Funny, but this is one of the apps I've been watching closely for updates as it has a real life function for us Pre users.

    Now I really can't wait for the update!!!
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    Cross you fingers, Maybe today?
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    I'm excited to say that v0.2.0 has been officially released!

    Download from the Homebrew Apps Gallery: Shopping List
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    Looks great, can't wait to see whats next. Thanks!!!
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